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We should not have a border wall. The “migrants” who come to the United States from our southern border should be ushered in with open arms, and be given money, food, heath care, housing, jobs and more money. It doesn’t matter where they come from or their past. We should do this because they are facing oppressive living conditions, and want to make a better life for themselves. They want to be able to make money and prosper, and they deserve that. This is according to the left.

Thanksgiving. The left considers this holiday a celebration of genocide and colonization. They say it “hurts” native Americans, and even black people. Thanksgiving celebrates white supremacy. It seems ironic to me that the pilgrims, who also left their homes because of oppression and wanting a better life, are demonized.

When the pilgrims landed in America, they were met with a mix of both violence and cautious welcome. According to the leftist theories on migrating from another country, they should have been welcomed and provided for by the native people. If we apply leftist think, they should have been given food, homes, clothing and the freedom to go and live wherever they choose. They should have been able to get jobs where they were paid by the native people to work. They were not. And since they were not offered these opportunities, the Native Americans should be looked down on and criticized for the way it all went down. Were they Native Supremacists? If we applied leftist logic equally to everyone and every situation, this is how it would look. When you apply left “logic” to other groups of people it becomes obvious how illogical and bizarre they actually are.

The pilgrims were not welcomed. They had to fight for their lives and everything they had. The left wants those with much to give fairly to those with little. And then they belittle those who have worked for success and financial stability or wealth. Yet, they look upon pilgrims with disdain, because they were able to gain land, food, and resources to thrive in America. As migrants to a better land. They literally accomplished what the left wants for other migrants, but with little help and MUCH opposition.

In one article they declare that the pilgrims came because of the desire to make money instead of fleeing religious persecution. The writer tells of how they had religious liberty with the Dutch, implying they should have stayed there instead of pursuing immigration to America. And since they didn’t need to leave for religious reasons, the writer makes the case that it must have been to make money.

Those who enter Mexico to traverse it in order to arrive in America are also welcomed here. Sure, some people stop in Mexico and go on to live there. But there are many, many others who will cross Mexico because they want to get to America instead of stopping and staying in Mexico where they can find safety and work. They can make more money here, and even send it to their families back home. They want more than good enough, they want America.

As I sit here on Thanksgiving trying to find the differences in people like the pilgrims, who would fit the term illegal aliens, and people crossing our southern border who are illegal aliens, it only draws me deeper into the conclusion that the double standards are so deeply ingrained into the left that they will never go away. Why the demonization of pilgrims, yet the red carpet treatment to others? The more I try to make sense of it, the more frustrated I get.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of finding common ground, coming together to break bread, and helping one another. It is about friendship and being thankful to a God who provides. I am thankful to God for the many blessings he has provided to our family. We at Uncommon Sense Podcast wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving filled with the Lord’s blessing.

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