When did standing up for freedom become a bad thing?

This is a fascinating time to be alive. Also surreal. Guys, freedom of speech is part of why we get to be free. People must be able to disagree! Also, guess what, it’s not illegal to be wrong. We are ‘allowed’ to have individual thoughts. We are allowed unpopular opinions. Just because people disagree doesn’t automatically make one side wrong for all topics. Without sharing opposing ideas, how will we ever grow?

Tech monopolies exist because we allow them to. Censorship is happening because we allow it to. And people are being criticized for speaking out, and doing something about it. Standing up for freedom used to be valued, honorable, praised. Now it’s selfish, and all sorts of ‘ists.’ Fear and shame have now become the character traits that people praise and seek. Even the word ‘freedom’ is becoming a frowned upon word. I feel like we are living in a movie.

Freedom is easy to give up, especially when people get scared. Just a little here, just a little more. Only for a little while. They tell the kind-hearted people that it is, “for your safety, or for your neighbors safety,” How can anyone go against that without feeling like a jerk, right? Pretty smart huh? Never in my life did think I would hear people being ridiculed and put down because they got sick. I’ve heard people hoping others die or saying flippant comments about how that one deserved their death, because they did (fill in the blank here.) Remember…15 days to flatten the curve? That slowly turned into 9 months to flatten our constitution, our country, jobs and our lives.

What about people dying to increased addiction, or mental breakdowns, or suicide because of lockdowns and losing jobs? What about the people who didn’t go to the doctor at the first sign of cancer because they didn’t want to catch the virus, or their doctor wasn’t open for awhile, or elective surgeries were not being done?

Here’s a thought: We know how to prevent pregnancy. It only takes 2 individuals to prevent one. Sperm are big compared to a virus. We have plenty of things to prevent sperm from doing what it was designed to do. But we, as a society, still haven’t figured out how to stop unwanted pregnancy. Yet, we are being groomed into thinking we can control the spread of a highly contagious virus? With a VERY high survival rate. We ridicule and shame (certain) people for getting sick because they must have done something to bring it on themselves, right? We don’t treat people with unwanted pregnancies the same way. Interesting isn’t it? Have we lost our minds?!

Wake up guys! Freedom is so very hard to take back. I know posts like this are like talking to a wall, so I don’t know why I’m writing this. But the optimist in me thinks it’s worth trying.

1 thought on “When did standing up for freedom become a bad thing?”

  1. Somewhere between 1994-1998 it became wrong to say anything that might be construed as insensitive. As Christians we have whole heartedly embraced this fear of sticking out.


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